Bag size - No Bäg

The size of your No Bäg

There is enough space in your No Bäg for your smartphone (in a separate compartment), money, credit cards, keys, beauty basics, cigarettes and all the other little things you need to have on you. The bag dimensions are: height ~16.5cm, width ~10cm, depth ~2.5cm
Weight (with arm loop) ~75 grams.

You wear your No Bäg on your upper arm. The arm loop fits almost all upper arm sizes (about 25-37cm upper arm circumference) and it is equipped with an adjustable elastic band. Therefore, your No Bäg adapts to the movements of your upper arm and sits perfectly and safely without constricting you in any way.

No Bägs with a zipper compartment are designed for right-handers as standard - the No Bäg is worn on the left arm and can be easily operated with the right hand. Are you left handed? No problem! When placing your order, enter in the "Comment" field that you are left-handed. You can find the comment field in step 2 ("Payment & shipping") of the order process. We will ship you a No Bäg with the zipper placed on the other side so that you can wear the it on your right arm and operate it with your left hand.

You can easily and quickly adjust the width of the elastic band in the arm loop to your individual arm size. Hereby, your No Bäg can be easily and quickly adapted to all wearing situations (for example, with a short t-shirt, over your sweater, over your jacket ...).

The latch of the bag can be easily opened and closed with one hand (you do not have to take the bag off your arm). It keeps the bag securely closed. Nothing will fall out and the content is well protected from thieves.

The size of your No Bäg is designed to fit just about any popular smartphone (e.g., Apple (iPhone), Samsung, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, OnePlus, Nokia, HTC, Honor, Google (Pixel), Medion, etc.). ). Generally speaking, all smartphones up to a height of about 15.8cm and a width of about 9.5cm will fit into the No Bäg. Please contact us directly (contact form) if you require a different size.

The smartphone is well protected in its separate compartment within your No Bäg.