No Bäg Outdoor Revolution Olivegreen double patch Set with 3 Zip-on

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With this set of 4 you get the fully-loaded experience at an unbeatable set price! The No Bäg... more
Product information "No Bäg Outdoor Revolution Olivegreen double patch Set with 3 Zip-on"

With this set of 4 you get the fully-loaded experience at an unbeatable set price! The No Bäg REVOLUTION together with 3 changeable Zip-on back sides.

This set contains:

1 x No Bäg REVOLUTION double patch in Olivegreen
1 x No Bäg REVOLUTION Zip-on arm loop in Olivegreen
1 x No Bäg REVOLUTION Zip-on MOLLE/PALS in Olivegreen
1 x No Bäg REVOLUTION Zip-on hook and loop in Olivegreen

The No Bäg REVOLUTION with the exchangeable Zip-on back sides is our latest version of the No Bäg! It is revolutionary in design, with it all options are open to you. For the first time, you can flexibly adapt the wearing style to your needs. The waterproof, robust fabric protects the contents of your No Bäg when it rains.

The innovative idea of ​​the exchangeable Zip-on back side allows you to carry many options:

  • Classic on the arm with the Zip-on arm loop: high-quality padded breathable and moisture-regulating mesh fabric ensures that even particularly sweaty activities are no problem with your No Bäg!

  • With the MOLLE/PALS* Zip-on back side attachable to:
    • Loops and straps of all kinds
    • Belts
    • Backpacks with MOLLE/PALS equipment
    • Tactical clothing with MOLLE/PALS equipment

  • Simply use the zip-on hook and loop back side with an approx. 8cm wide high-quality hook material, so that you can easily attach the No Bäg REVOLUTION to any loop material.

It's very simple: For this No Bäg REVOLUTION basic bag, you choose the zip-on backsides(s) that are right for you. The backside of the No Bäg REVOLUTION is attached to the No Bäg REVOLUTION with a high-quality zipper. So the backside can be changed quickly and easily. Another advantage is a practical compartment that is accessible from above between the NoBäg REVOLUTION and the backside.

Do you love camping, fishing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, bushcrafting, are you active outdoors? Then the No Bäg REVOLUTION is perfect for you. Your smartphone, your money, your passport, keys - whatever you definitely don't want to lose and want to have close to you, within reach and in sight - everything fits into your No Bäg.

We have provided the front with a high-quality and robust loop strip. Together with the high-quality hook material on the back of the closure flap, this creates a secure and practical closure of the bag. You can also attach hook patches or hook tape to the front of the bag for attaching other items of equipment. You can find a small selection under our extras.

The size of the No Bäg REVOLUTION is designed so that almost all common smartphones fit into it. In general, all smartphones up to a height of approx. 15.8 cm and a width of approx. 9.5 cm fit into the No Bäg. The smartphone is well protected in its separate compartment inside the No Bäg.

The concept follows the basic idea of ​​the No Bäg - you don't need another bag for your valuables. The smartphone comes in its own compartment, well protected from scratches from other bag contents such as keys and other utensils. A passport can also be safely stored in the No Bäg REVOLUTION. Money and credit cards fit in the side zip pocket.

As an alternative to the hook and loop fastener, we also offer variants with a patented quick-release fastener that can be used silently.

You haven't found your style and you want an individual model? Do you need a different size (arm circumference or mobile phone size) or are you left-handed? No problem. Write us a short message. We will then send you an offer as soon as possible.

This No Bäg is a high quality product, handmade in Germany.


*) How does the MOLLE/PALS system work?

MOLLE stands for "Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment" and was developed by the US Army. In order to have a flexible system for attaching additional equipment, a loop system called PALS was developed. This stands for "Pouch Attachment Ladder System".




Material: Polyester
Inner lining: Oivegreen
Colour / design: Olive
Piping stripe: Khaki
Lock: Quick lock
Separate pocket with zipper for money and credit cards: Yes
Size: Height ca. 16.5cm, width ca. 10cm, depth ca. 2.5cm, weight ca. 75g
Washable: Yes, at 30 degrees, using a laundry net
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